How to Use Windows Ink Workspace & Pen Settings in Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most innovative and currently ongoing systems. Since Windows 10 launched, there are several major updates Microsoft released. People who use Microsoft Surface, they know the experience and features they can use in the device. Microsoft works for every kind of device, but for the Microsoft Surface, you will see a lot of amazing things better than other devices. They work hard to make Microsoft Surface a perfect and durable device to use, and Yes, they succeed in this. If you are using Microsoft Surface, then you might hear of “Windows Ink Experience” too because it’s a Pen for touch display devices that has its OS.

Windows Ink Workspace is a feature that allows you to use a digital pen to work on your Windows computer faster and easier. Using Pen in mobile and tab devices are getting in use for a long time, and now you can use it in your Microsoft Surface too. You need to configure the settings to need to open settings of Pen and Windows Ink:

  • Launch “Settings.”
  • Move to “Devices” option.
  • Tap on the left side “Pen & Windows Ink” icon.

There will be a new tap open on another split section after clicking that will show settings of “Pen and Windows Ink” workspace.


For using Pen you need to set some settings like opening certain applications after Pen connected, holding the Pen on which, and many more additional settings. However, if your Pen is not connected or enabled, then you will see different tab after tapping and opening “Pen & Windows Ink” settings. To pair your Pen with your Microsoft Surface device, you need to:

  • Open “Settings.”
  • Tap on “Devices.”
  • Click on “Bluetooth & other devices.”

On your Pen, there is a button given that you need to press and hold for seconds to start up. On your Windows 10 device, you will see Pen in the display to pair to start using.

After Pen is connected with your Windows 10 will presume you are right-handed user because when you open any menu, it will open on the opposite side of your using hand. It’s a feature that provided to see the menu clearly. While using the Pen, you will also see the cursor on display. The cursor will show its position as a dot depends on the tip of the pencil. As you move the pencil, the cursor will move as well. However, if you want to remove this feature, then you can remove it too.

You can also disable your touch input while using the Pen it will make the device handy in use. So if you touch display from mistake or gesture, it will not sense it because of disabling the feature. One more thing you can do with your pencil is that it will convert your draw text into text. So if you are not connected to your keyboard, you still can type anything you want with a pencil, and it will be notified in the notification bar.

Windows Ink Experience

Windows Ink Experience is just a default tool that has some menu and modes that you can enable and disable as per your preferred choice. It has the data of the application in which apps you can use digital Pen and stylize. Now to make Windows Ink Workspace in access, you need to activate Windows Ink Workspace in the first place.

Enable and Set up Windows Ink Workspace

  • Make right-click on “taskbar.”
  • Press on the “Windows Ink Workspace” icon.

The workspace consists of Sticky Notes, Screensketch, Sketchpad, and several applications. After updating the Windows 10 1909 version, few features are changed. Now there are only two options for users available, which is Windows “Whiteboard” and “Fullscreen snip.”


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