Norton Antivirus

Norton AntiVirus is one of the most well-known virus and malware protection systems in the world and has just won a new version. The program has been undergoing reformulations, improving its performance in several aspects, including the resource consumption of the computer on which it runs.

Thus, the product has been perfected and arrives in 2013 with a lighter version, but no less powerful. On the contrary, its defense systems have been improved, with emphasis on new threat removal tools and automatic updating of important resources.

What was already known, such as browser protection, a five-layer system that improves the detection of threats and even better methods for real-time analysis of your PC, just got better. Meet the new Norton AntiVirus.

Norton Antivirus

Complete virus protection

One of Norton AntiVirus' main assets over its rivals is SONAR, Symantec's proprietary technology that monitors the computer around the clock, 24 hours a day. With this, it allows you to browse smoothly, since the inspection of the program made on the files is able to identify any suspicious behavior to identify threats.

In addition, Norton Protection System is the tool used by this antivirus to detect and eliminate threats. It has five layers of protection and, according to its developers, allows Norton AntiVirus to get rid of problems faster and more accurately than other programs of its kind.

Improved perception

Another highlight of Norton AntiVirus is the Insight system, which identifies secure files and does not waste time scanning them; only those unknown are analyzed by the program. This software also provides extra protection for downloads, Insight 2.0, which protects your system from dangerous files even before you install them.


Ready for 3G

Norton AntiVirus bandwidth management, called Bandwidth Management 2.0, is a special feature of this program and highly recommended for those who connect to the internet through a 3G modem. It automatically adjusts the receipt of updates and the use of data from the application when it identifies that you use this type of connection.

Always up to date

In addition to ensuring a product that is always up to date for its users by automatically sending new services to your PC, Norton AntiVirus also guarantees that its vaccine database is always updated every 5 to 15 minutes. That way, you are guaranteed to always have the latest information about viruses, which increases the chance of combating new threats.

Our opinion

Norton AntiVirus managed to arrive in 2013 with an improved product in several aspects. The look, which had already taken on a more modern look in the last updates, has now been retouched to become even more functional, thus ensuring a well-organized tool to combat virtual threats.

In addition, the features present in this version, improved or unprecedented, give it an even more interesting robustness, something indispensable for programs whose performance is very delicate - after all, if the antivirus fails, your entire system can be exposed. Here, the program presents numerous options for increasing security, in several ways and in several different aspects.

In this sense, the real-time protection system and intelligent methods stand out, which save known secure files from being scanned and also prevent the action of a malicious program even before it is installed. In other words, they are almost automatic features, essential characteristics to minimize the need for human action in an antivirus.

If we think about the consumption of resources, we can say that Norton AntiVirus has presented a great evolution, because this application is light and still works intelligently with your internet connection. Anyway, here is a copy that can make Norton back to being one of the most trusted names in its genre.


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