360 Total Security

360 Total Security is a security and cleaning tool for your computer capable of improving your system's performance while keeping you protected from online and offline threats. The app is an antivirus combined with an unnecessary file cleaner. This means that you can save space on your hard drive by having only one program instead of two, and you save time when dealing with the tool.

The great thing about 360 Total Security is its home screen. With one touch, you can do a complete scan of your computer. The app optimizes Windows startup by checking the entire boot list and determining which elements really need to be there; scans your hard drive for threats such as viruses and others, analyzing folder by folder; cleans up useless files such as old registry entries, temporary files, deleted documents, etc.; and checks the security of your WiFi network.

360 Total Security


To start this full scan, just tap the big Examine button on the start screen and wait for the scan to finish. When everything has been evaluated, you can click this button again to resolve all issues.

If you want to do cleanups and scans separately, simply navigate through the function tabs on the left side of the window. Virus Scan allows you to search and eliminate threats from your system quickly, thoroughly, or in a customizable way. The Speedup section evaluates the system boot sequence and allows you to improve this list automatically or manually.

The Cleanup section basically works like CCleaner. The difference is that there are fewer options to configure, but the results are ultimately similar. You still get to choose what to clean and what to keep.

Protection Level

The last tab, Protection, allows you to configure the level of protection 360 Total Security will employ on your computer. By default, Balanced is selected, which guarantees good Windows performance and yet a reasonable protection level. You can increase the protection and lose some of the system performance, or you can customize what you want to protect. This protection works in real time and serves to protect your PC from threats on the Internet, removable disks, and other environments.

Our Review of 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is a complete tool for improving the performance and protection of your computer. The great thing about the program is its ease of use, which guarantees that even the least experienced users will be able to operate its interface and use its functions without any problems. Part of this ease of use is due to its startup screen, which allows you to perform cleanups, scans, and system performance improvements with just one click.

In our tests, 360 Total Security proved to be very efficient at almost everything it does. Despite being a bit slow to clean up unwanted files, the time it took for the program to do a complete scan and perform all the actions was quite interesting. Still, we realized that the only positive for threats found on our computer was actually a false positive. The app quarantined the Desura platform, even though it was reliable.


360 Total Security's interface is one of the highlights. As we already mentioned, it features a home screen that launches all its functions with one touch. This is what makes it simple to use. Other than that, the interface is very graphically friendly. All elements are beautiful and well-designed, with soft and well-chosen colors. Other than that, we did not face any problems when operating this dimension of the app. The organization of the interface is another positive point, since each function is better detailed in tabs, which allows more advanced users to go deeper.

Finally, we can say that 360 Total Security is a reliable platform, but if you are thinking of migrating from a traditional antivirus to this program, we advise keeping both installed for some time in order to better analyze the efficiency on your computer.


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