SmadAV Antivirus 2021

 SmadAV is a simple and free antivirus that lets you scan your computer for problems such as viruses, corrupted records, spyware, and more.

To start using it, all you have to do is choose a scanning mode from "Quick Scan", "Full Scan", "System Area", and "System Area (deep)", according to what you want the program to look for.

You can scan specific folders and directories and pass separate files through the scan. Do this whenever you download something that might be suspicious. If you already use another antivirus and are going to test SmadAV, don't forget to turn off the protection for a moment, since opening two such applications at the same time can cause interference and misdiagnosis.


When you first open the program, it gives you the option to choose your language. Make sure you check "English" before continuing, or it will be displayed in Indonesian language by default. The action options are arranged on the left side and you need to choose whether you want to protect with constant surveillance, scan or use another available tool.

It allows you to investigate open processes and close anything you consider suspicious, and it indicates this in the scans you run, not just infected files. The free version of SmadAV has no time limit to use, but some functions (such as exception list and automatic update) are only available for Pro users.

Our Opinion about SmadAV

SmadAV is a free protection application for your computer that has an antivirus scanner, process manager, and real-time security and allows various types of scanning. The problem is that there are free solutions full of tools, such as Avira, that are much better known and more reliable.

The antivirus is a software that needs to be chosen with care, since it has tools that, if used incorrectly, can bring more problems than solutions. For this reason, it is interesting to use well-known solutions that are proven to be effective. Lesser software may be good, but the "trust" factor weighs heavily in the choice.

SmadAV, however, is not a bad program. It even runs at a very high speed and scans without slowing down your computer. If you are willing to skip the big antivirus and want an easy to use and fast solution, you can try this application as it showed good test results and scans in less than 10 seconds.

Despite its speed, SmadAV has an interface with several translation errors from Indonesian to English and a not very nice look. If you are looking for a more simple to use, well-known and reliable tool, you can test the free versions of Avast, AVG and Avira, which are three giants in the segment and have good options for all types of users.


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