AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security offers an integrated protection tool to increase the security of your computer while you browse the internet.

It provides antivirus, spyware and firewall functions, and real-time (preventive) protection, serving as a great security mechanism for your machine against virtual pests.

While security applications used to be separated into categories (firewalls, antivirus, and antispyware), today the big developers have focused their efforts on integrating all these features.

And it is a complete product that you will find in AVG Internet Security. This is a trial version of the program and is available for unlimited use for a period of 30 days, which means that you will have this period to experience absolutely everything the software offers.

AVG Internet Security

At the time of installation

At the very beginning of the program installation process, you are asked whether you wish to do the "Express installation" or the "Custom installation". By selecting the second option, you can choose the basic protection components to be installed. These are "Computer Protection" and "Internet and E-mail Protection".

The first element acts in the real-time security of the machine, blocking known threats instantly. The other prevents potential malware shared through malicious links, downloads and email attachments.

Once installed, AVG Internet Security displays a screen that brings together, in addition to the virus hunting tool, other products from the company. These include PC TuneUp (a PC performance-enhancing feature), Secure VPN (a feature that allows anonymous surfing), and Web TuneUp (for safer web surfing).

Start screen

As soon as you start AVG Internet Security, it automatically begins a database update. Although the procedure may take a few moments, it is essential that it is completed to ensure the safety of your computer.

Upon entering the application, the main screen opens, displaying modules available in both the antivirus and the company's integrated security tool. Among the available and functional features, you will find menus that allow you to configure the email protection (checking both incoming and outgoing messages), the mechanism that prevents identity theft and privacy violation, and the function that checks for vulnerable websites.


Scanning your computer

Virus scanning can be performed from the start screen by clicking the "Scan computer" button. Once this is done, the full scan starts immediately and you can follow the progress of the operation in real time. However, if you want to choose what type of scan to run, click on the button with the gear icon next to the mentioned alternative.

AVG Internet Security offers other scan types for the system. In addition to the already mentioned mode, you can choose an option for a deep scan of the machine. This procedure usually takes a bit longer, but it is worth performing it from time to time to ensure the safety of your hard drive.

Another alternative is to scan portable devices connected to the computer. It is also possible to scan only specific directories and to determine that a scan always takes place before the operating system starts.

At the end of any of these procedures, the program displays a report with the results. If there are any occurrences, you can select them and request that the program take the necessary action to resolve the problem, such as quarantining the threat.

Focus on Internet users

As we already mentioned, and as its name implies, AVG Internet Security is a solution for protecting web surfers. Our current routine of exploring the digital environment is practically all connected, putting us in countless situations in which we are susceptible to scams and cyber pests.

Its differentials to the company's free protection version, AVG Anti-Virus Free, are modules that offer identification and blocking mechanisms for traditional hacker attacks, greater protection for data sent to websites and online services, and protection for virtual payments. All this is possible thanks to the addition of some complementary components such as "Secure DNS", "Anti-Spam" and the Firewall itself with customization possibilities.

Permanent deletion and data vaulting

As a complement to the malware protection functionality, AVG Internet Security provides a feature called "File Shredder". This tool is used to permanently delete files or entire folders from the storage disk.

This feature is interesting for preventing sensitive information, including photos, videos, and documents, from falling into the wrong hands. It is worth mentioning the fact that once deleted, these contents cannot be recovered. Therefore, be careful when selecting what you want to delete from your PC.

And it doesn't end there. The program also features a mechanism called "Data Vault". With it you are able to hide photos, documents, videos, executables and other types of files. All of this content is encrypted using the 256-bit AES standard - one of the highest levels of encryption available today and is considered almost impenetrable.

What's new

AVG Internet Security has had its interface improved in its latest update. The developers' proposal is to make viewing the offered and active protection layers more convenient.

Among the revamped features is the malware scan which has become even faster and has been added to the possibility of identifying unwanted bars, vulnerable browser extensions, and possible computer performance issues.

Another new feature of this protection system is the webcam spy blocking tool. With it, you are able to determine exactly which software can access and take advantage of the image and video capture device - thus preventing malicious people from viewing and monitoring the activities in your home or work, for example.

In addition, Internet Security now includes a specialized engine for identifying and combating Rasonware, malicious applications that give crackers access to "hijack" your PC and all your personal data. Thanks to this technology, AVG's solution can prevent information stored on your computer from being encrypted without your authorization.

New on

  • Payment Notification - If for any reason your payment fails during an automatic subscription renewal, we will inform you in the main panel
  • Simplified privacy settings - We have updated our privacy settings to make it easier to manage your privacy
  • Other fixes and improvements - Just the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks to keep things running smoothly

Our Review of AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security is yet another alternative for those who need integrated security solutions. As a positive point, the program also performs preventive computer protection (in real time), preventing threats from entering the machine instead of just fighting those already existing.

The program adopts a pleasant and modern look, but without giving up on organization. The main screen houses all of the application's functions divided into modules, making it easy both to access and to locate the available options. The analysis of the computer in search of viruses has several options so that you can define what type of scan is correct for each occasion, generating an optimization of your time with respect to the procedure.

No system downtime

Another positive point is that you can use your computer while a scan is in progress, as it does not slow down or crash too much. The fact that the real-time protection is activated also does not interfere with the operation of the machine, which avoids having to do deactivations to use a heavier program.

The analysis processes are relatively fast, taking only as long as necessary and no longer than expected to complete. The firewall is working properly and it is worth remembering that some programs may require security exceptions in this tool in order to operate normally.

The program has a differentiating function entirely focused on optimizing your computer, but unfortunately this is not available for evaluation in the trial version. Still, if you haven't found the integrated security tool you are looking for yet, AVG Internet Security is worth a try.


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