Avast Cleanup Free and Premium

Avast cleanup

Avast Cleanup Free

Avast Cleanup is a Windows application that allows you to do a complete system cleaning. It scans your PC and can immediately clean and optimize it, or schedule tasks for later. The program removes files it considers useless, browser cache, tracking cookies and others.

Avast Cleanup also performs optimizations on system settings, registry and application startup. It is possible to recover disk space and improve system performance without any kind of effort on the part of the user.

Our opinion

Even before showing its full potential, the program already stands out for its simple and easy-to-use interface. It works like a wizard, showing user steps and options, simplifying its use.

Because of its beautiful appearance, the application is robust and delivers what it promises: it can recover space and improve system performance with a few clicks.

Anyone who needs to test the product before buying can try it for 14 days, which in this case is enough time for a good evaluation.

For those who prefer to use tools individually, unfortunately Avast Cleanup does not offer this option.


Simple and easy to use

delivers well what it promises

It can be tested for free for 14 days.


Does not allow to use tools individually

Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium is a program for Windows 10, macOS and Android that promises to clean the system and keep the device up to date. Thus, it fixes errors, frees up memory and makes the device faster. With the option of free use for 30 days, the app offers subscription plans and features that vary a little depending on the platform. Next, understand how Avast Cleanup Premium works, what features the tool offers and find out if it's worth downloading on your PC.

What is Avast Cleanup Premium?

Avast Cleanup Premium is a computer and smartphone optimization app that offers you the ability to fix problems, perform cleanings and keep your system organized and up to date. Among the main functions is an app uninstall tool, which promises to remove apps without leaving any traces on the device. In addition, there are features to clean data left by previously uninstalled programs, perform and schedule backups, clean and optimize the Windows Registry and remove apps that load at startup, making the opening process of Windows 10 slow.

The app is paid, but Avast offers a 30-day trial period completely free of charge. Anyone interested in Cleanup Premium can join a subscription plan of R$99 a year for one license or R$119 a year for 10 licenses, enabling multiple installations on Windows, macOS and Android.

Avast Cleanup Premium Features

The Avast app also has an automatic maintenance tool, in which the app is working in the background without the need for user control. Another highlight is Sleep Mode, in which Cleanup Premium monitors applications and services running in the background and puts them to sleep, thus freeing up some system resources such as processor time and RAM space. There's even a disk cleaner that goes beyond deleting data from the recycle bin and can find obsolete and useless files from over 200 different applications and Windows features.

Like other apps of its kind, Cleanup Premium has a built-in tool for analyzing and cleaning data stored by Internet browsers, including a cleaner that identifies so-called bloatware – useless and unwanted apps and extensions present on your system, usually installed by the manufacturer – and safely removes them.

Finally, Cleanup Premium also has a settings restorer and monitoring capable of identifying common system problems, such as unsafe accounts, invalid settings and so on.

Compatible Platforms

The software has versions for Windows 10, macOS and Android. Although the purpose of the application is the same in all three – to offer optimization and functionality to organize and keep the device up to date – some features may vary slightly from system to system.

While registry maintenance, hard disk defragmentation and startup cleaning are important in Windows 10, issues like RAM cleaning and real-time resource control are more relevant in Android, for example.

Differences between Cleanup Premium and Cleanup Pro

Avast Cleanup Premium is the Windows 10 version of the product, while the paid editions of macOS and Android received the name Cleanup Pro until 2019. Today, both on macOS and Android, the application is distributed under the name of Avast Cleanup. When upgrading to paid editions, the app receives the Premium name, releasing a greater level of features and, on Android, it no longer displays advertisements.


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