Free Online Antivirus: List of Options to Use on PC


Online antiviruses are interesting tools for quick computer scanning and protection against dangerous files. In addition to doing a full system scan for free, they also offer scanning and removal of infected files. However, it is important to note that online antiviruses do not replace protection software already installed on your computer.

These tools are useful for scanning, but they don't provide real-time protection like offline software, so you shouldn't trust system security to them alone. In the list below, find out about the best seven online antivirus options to use on your PC, four being full scanning and three checking suspicious files.

1. Panda Cloud Cleaner

Panda Cloud Cleaner requires the installation of light software to perform the system scan. It comes to replace Panda ActiveScan, with more features, allowing, for example, to eliminate all unnecessary processes that precede the scan and streamline the search. Online antivirus is easy to use and promises good results. Once the system analysis is done, it allows the user to mark malicious files and remove them from their computer quickly.


2. ESET Online Scanner

To use ESET Online Scanner, you need to download the scan file. After running the program, the antivirus allows three types of scanning: complete, fast or custom. One of the most complete antivirus online, ESET has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use, with clear instructions and without too many steps. In addition to performing system analysis, it gives you the option to quarantine and remove malicious files automatically from your PC.


3. Google Chrome

Google Chrome users can do a system scan directly from their browser. To use Chrome's free antivirus, you need to open your browser and paste the following command into the address bar: chrome://settings/cleanup . When the page loads, the user should click "Search" and let Chrome scan the computer for infected or suspicious software. This antivirus only has a default scanning option, but it doesn't take very long. The big advantage of this option is that you don't need to install anything other than the browser. It is important to remember, however, that the tool does not work in other browsers.


4. F-Secure Online Scanner

F-Secure Online Scanner is another one on the list that does not need to be installed, although it is necessary to download the application to run it on your computer. It does a quick scan itself, but it takes a while to start the process because it needs to do a scan first. The interface is clean and easy to handle, which makes this online antivirus a good option for those looking for a simple scan. At the end of the analysis, the program presents the infections found and allows the user to permanently delete the malicious files.


5. VirScan

Unlike the previous options, VirScan – like the next two on this list – is an individual file scanner. This means that instead of scanning the system, it checks only a file selected by the user. This option is useful for those who want to ensure the safety of a downloaded file before opening it, for example. VirScan presents a database of malicious files. It allows the user to upload a file of up to 20 MB to be verified. The file is analyzed based on a comparison with this database and the tool indicates whether it is safe to keep it on your computer.


6. VirusTotal

Another file scanner, Virus Total also allows searching a database. However, it has an advantage over VirScan: it not only allows the user to upload a file, but also to check a URL or IP address. Another benefit of VirusTotal is that it offers analysis of larger files via an email query. The user sends the suspicious file directly to VirusTotal's e-mail and the company responds with an analysis of the material. In this format, you can scan files up to 256 MB.


7. MetaDefender

Useful when scanning files, MetaDefender takes information from more than 30 antiviruses to analyze a document sent by the user. In addition to a file, you can check a domain, a URL or an IP address. The website receives files of up to 140 MB to be analyzed and the user must upload it to the platform. After checking the content, the tool presents its vulnerability score and offers the option to download the "sanitized file". Metadefender has a nice, elegant design and is easy to handle.



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