Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security 2013 is the latest version of Norton's acclaimed security suite. With it, the user has at his disposal a complete package with everything that is necessary to keep the computer safe: antivirus, firewall, antispyware and several other tools working integrated to offer the maximum in security. the new Norton Internet Security has special protection for social networks like Facebook.

Using multiple applications from different companies can result in false alarms and incompatibility between applications that should be “solutions” rather than problems. Norton Internet Security brings the convenience of being an integrated security center. The app has a free 14-day trial version.

Norton Internet Security installation is simple, just click “next” to complete. At the end of the installation, a window is displayed with the authentication key that is only released after you register your email in the application.

Norton Internet Security is all in English, but this suite of applications offers a minimalist interface, making any operation very easy. When starting you can see four squares. In the first one, the system status is displayed. In the second, we have the option to scan the computer for virtual pests. The third and fourth squares are for upgrades and configurations.

Norton™ Safe Web and Safe Search

Just with the standard installation your computer is already safe, but Norton Internet Security offers several additional features that are implemented along with the standard protection. One is Norton™ Safe Web and Safe Search. This feature provides an addition to standard protection. It investigates the origin of the site, assuring the user that this is the page he is looking for.

Antivirus for Facebook

Norton Safe Web for Facebook analyzes your social network news feeds, removing possible malicious links that contain virus downloads and other virtual pests. With this, any new viruses that are spreading on the social network are immediately detected and deleted from your news feed.

Our opinion

Once known by Windows users, Norton was one of the first companies to arrive in Brazil selling its package of solutions against virtual pests. In fact, Norton Internet Security continues Norton's tradition of offering security options with interface simplicity.

Looking at its home screen, Norton Internet Security looks like just an antivirus application. Blame it on the minimalist interface that focuses the user's attention on four big squares. But Internet Security offers more protection than meets the eye. In addition to antivirus, it is a Firewall, antispyware and has additional options that complement the use of other Norton tools such as Mobile Antivirus, aimed at smartphones and tablets.

The weakness with this security suite is the excessive consumption of resources. Installed on a computer with a medium configuration, it is possible to experience a negative impact on the machine's performance. To complicate the situation, Norton Internet Security even monitors the traffic of data from Youtube, making the video playback slow and with some crashes.

In order to make the general operation of the computer faster, the user can disable protections that he does not consider necessary. How to release specific websites or disable some network protections. If you are connected to a secure network with a good firewall, you can disable this function, for example.

Offering several protections integrated in a single program, Norton Internet Security stands out for its simplicity in installing and maintaining system security routines. However, a considerable drop in performance has been observed for medium configuration computers. Still, Norton Internet Security is a recommended tool, especially if you are experiencing a lot of problems with viruses, worms, phishing attacks, and so on.


  • Simplified interface
  • Additional protections


  • time-consuming installation
  • make the computer slow


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