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If you have a Mac and sometimes wonder if it needs an antivirus, you've come to the right place! In this article we will show you the 6 best antivirus for MacOS in 2019.

Why 6 and not 7 or 10 best antivirus for Mac? The answer is simple, in the tests performed, these were the ones that did the best, so consider this before downloading your antivirus on Mac ok?

If you prefer, you can skip to the topics with the names of antivirus for Mac. If you want more information about security and if your Mac really needs antivirus, keep reading this article, in it you will learn everything you need to know to keep your Mac insurance from viruses and other internet pests.

For whom we prepare this material

We've written this article to help Mac users keep their devices safer. If you identify with at least one of the profiles below, please read this article to the end.

  • People who want to protect their files and folders stored on Mac
  • People who carry out financial transactions through banking websites and applications.
  • People who need to surf the internet safely, whether at home, at work or in networks in public places like coffee shops and airports.

Answering Some Mac Security Questions

Can you answer if your Mac catches a virus? Do you know the 3 most common threats that can harm your Mac's security? Or rather, how to protect your Mac from hackers and malicious applications?

Calm down, all these Mac security questions have answers. We've been careful to answer one by one in this article: Mac Security: The How-To User Guide and You are our guest to access and learn everything you need to know about (all-important) Mac security.

Best antivirus for Mac

Any security software needs to be able to prevent malware from being installed on your computer, with a Mac it couldn't be different. But security is only half the story, for a Mac antivirus to work properly it also needs to be light and unobtrusive. Features that the antiviruses below have in common, different from some free antiviruses, which in addition to not fully protecting your Mac, also slow it down.

Below are the 5 best antivirus for Mac:

AVG for Mac


In recent surveys, only 4 of the tested antivirus managed to detect 100% of malware installed on the computer, AVG was one of them.

Like many other Mac antiviruses, AVG also offers a free version, but with limited capabilities. The PRO version includes FULL protection.

Norton Security for Mac

Norton for MAC

Symantec, the developer of Norton, has some passionate users and others not so much. The fact is that in some cases Norton can slow down the Mac. I would not directly attribute the problem to him, but to the excess of information/applications that were already on the Mac but with the arrival of Norton in the system the problem happened. It would be like icing on the cake :)

Anyway Norton is still one of the best antivirus for Mac.



In addition to being very handy in capturing viruses for Mac, Kaspersky is also optimized for Mac system, meaning it still maintain your computer's performance.

The cool thing is that you can try Kaspersky for 30 days on your Mac.



Though free Avira is excellent at catching viruses on Mac. It will keep your Mac safe and free. The bad part is that it directly affects your Mac's performance unless you buy the full version?



Although little known here in Brazil, it has a large number of users in the US. With ESET, you can protect your personal data as well as access to electronic transactions, such as banking through Internet Security.

The good news is that ESET DOES NOT slow down your Mac, okay?



This is another good option for those who want to protect 100% of the Mac. Some people have reported that Avast slowed down the Mac, this is not the case. Macs are still 100%, as is the result of Avast Mac : )

Final considerations

We made a point of researching the best antivirus for Mac in 2017. This was the result. If you liked leave your comment below!


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