Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is a security package for Windows that brings protection against viruses and malware to your PC, with a focus on prevention and not just detection. It provides real-time protection against viruses, trojans, adware, spyware and other malware threats. The set consists of a combination of antivirus, sandbox and firewall that act in real-time protection of your PC.

The tools that make up the package are integrated and actively work, so it is often necessary to call them individually. For a non-expert user, the options “Verify”, “Update”, “Virtual Kiosk”, “Quarantine” and “Task Manager” supply most of the activities in which user intervention is required.

How it works

Comodo Internet Security can make the decisions for you, thus freeing you from the burden of responsibility of having to decide whether to block or allow untrusted files, as it identifies safe, insecure and untrusted files.

Unlike other solutions that rely on signature updates, Comodo Internet Security uses a Sandbox technology that keeps your computer safe from even unknown threats. With Comodo, you get proactive protection that will automatically isolate threats from suspicious files so they can't cause harm, meaning it will prevent infections, not just detect them.

It uses a cloud-based list of trusted sources, which makes it possible to easily identify a secure file and its vendor. Its antivirus is also cloud-based, it detects malicious files even if the user doesn't have up-to-date definitions of it.


The program works to reduce interruptions in users' activities, so unknown files can only be run in a secure virtual environment, where they cannot damage Windows, its registry, or the user's important data. It also features a “Game Mode”, which suppresses operations that could interfere with the user's gaming experience, such as virus alerts, database updates or scheduled scans.

To complete, the “Virtual Kiosk” option takes the user to an isolated environment where he can run several applications (mainly Internet communicators) and the most popular browsers. It's a kind of Comodo's own desktop that guarantees a safe browsing environment.

The environment has two modes: Classic (desktop) and Tablet. Even outside this environment, it is possible to browse the main browsers safely, using the links in the Comodo Internet Security 2013 widget bar.

The solution also has online support that can be called directly from the application. The best thing is that you can use the program for a while until you decide if you want to buy the annual usage license.

Our opinion

The focus of Comodo Internet Security is above all prevention, something that is noticeable right after starting the program and the options that serve to isolate applications and possible untrusted files. This is an important attitude in the current scenario, where almost everything is online and users are less and less careful when doing something.

The automatic sandbox functionality and the virtual Kiosk, which isolate applications from the real system, are the most important points of this package, as they allow the user to browse and use files without worrying about system contamination.

Comodo Internet Security

Another point worth mentioning is the guarantee of reimbursement of expenses and identity theft, in case the software fails to do what it promises. It is a courageous attitude and one that demonstrates the confidence that the manufacturer has in its product.

Unfortunately, sometimes the product blocks good programs too. Another downside is poor protection against phishing sites, a problem that has grown a lot in recent years and is likely to become the biggest challenge for security tool makers.

Despite being very practical and doing a lot of the work for the user, Comodo Internet Security's interface is not very intuitive, and it can take some time to fully understand how the program works.


  • Program is mainly focused on preventing infections
  • Automatic Sandbox and Virtual Kiosk do a good job of isolating applications
  • Package is guaranteed for reimbursement of expenses and identity theft


  • Product blocks good and bad programs
  • Has little protection against phishing sites
  • Interface not very intuitive



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