McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security is the version of antivirus that focuses on actively protecting Internet usage against virus and malware infections. It offers real-time protection, scanning engine to look for system infections, firewall to block attacks, spam filters to preserve your inbox, and other protection and control tools that allow you to view your home network and so on. McAfee is not free, and to use the service, the user must subscribe annually. The user has the option to try it for 30 days to evaluate the product's merits, decide if the antivirus and internet protection are good enough to justify the price.

As the service works on a subscription basis, you can use it not only on your Windows computer, but also on Mac, iOS and Android devices. The functioning of the account is managed via the Internet, with the user's login on the application's website. The app has undergone changes since the latest versions, as some features such as Scan Plus and McAfee Mobile were broken into other services or ceased to exist.

Our opinion

The app has a good collection of security features and is recognized as a solid security solution. But those who demand a little more from a protection program can be a little disappointed with the performance and level of features offered, especially considering that McAfee Internet Security is a paid service.

At a price of R$119, McAfee is no longer an interesting option for most users, as there are completely free alternatives available, with the same range of features and with a performance record superior to that achieved by McAfee Internet Security.

The price may overshadow the good points of McAfee Internet Security and some of the features: The spam filtering engine, which integrates naturally with Outlook, Windows Mail and Thunderbird, works very well, allowing you to create rules to block certain addresses. Another interesting tool is “Shreder”, which allows you to shred files when deleting them, preventing snoopers from recovering them.

Regarding performance, AV-Test's most recent tests on Windows 10 place McAfee Internet Security in 12th position in the ranking when it comes to protection. The result is not good because there are free alternatives with a much higher score.

Another tool available is the QuickClean module, which scans your computer's hard drive for useless files that can be removed to free up space. McAfee Internet Security has a firewall and active filters that allow you to configure parental controls. All tools are easy to configure and have brief texts that explain what each one of them does, making life easier for those who face the task of configuring their first antivirus.

There is no doubt that McAfee Internet Security is a robust and effective security option for any user profile. The point is that the price charged for the annual license to use the software reduces the benefits, since it is possible to find great alternatives that are completely free and that offer the same level of features and performance.


  • McAfee Internet Security performs well on Windows 10
  • Program has several features to protect your PC
  • Subscription entitles use on Mac, Android and iOS, all added to Windows PC


  • Average protection performance in tests on Windows 10
  • The graphical interface could be better resolved
  • High annual fee makes McAfee Internet Security a difficult proposition in a market full of free options


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