Removing SANtivirus (Virus Removal Guide)


SANtivirus, also known as Segurazo, is a security tool developed by a global information technology company. The antivirus program offers its customers complete virus protection, potential threat quarantine, privacy protection, system performance improvements, real-time protection, and much more. While this description is appealing, experts do not recommend installing this tool. Based on various user reports and the infosec community, SAntivirus is bundled with freeware (free software), and this is the first sign that it does not inspire confidence.

This misleading antivirus tool has a poor reputation due to its dubious scan results. According to these testimonials, the application enforces its licensed version by displaying exaggerated results. Furthermore, users claim that they had several problems with the uninstallation of SAntivirus, as the program changes local group policy settings (using the SeLoadDriverPrivilege command) to acquire more privileges and establish its presence.

After installation, the SAntivirus scanner is regularly displayed. Consequently, the system may slow down due to the consumption of additional CPU resources. In some cases, the analysis can trigger BSODs (“blue screen” errors), which cause the system to restart. Due to this performance, people risk losing their job.

At first glance, some users might think that SAntivirus is a decent antivirus software that can also optimize the PC as it features a stylish design and modern interface, which makes it easy to use. The program claims to include the following features:

  • Real-time protection (ransomware, web, email);
  • Elimination of malware;
  • Privacy Scanner;
  • System Performance Booster;
  • Online Security Functionality.

However, under its presentable design and features, SAntivirus hides more common features in malware than in programs that protect you from online threats.

To start with, most users of SAntivirus have never intentionally installed it (even though it is possible to download the program from its official website), as it is distributed with the help of various unfair techniques, including software packages, fake update alerts and misleading publicity.

Upon installation on the system, SAntivirus instantly performs a full system scan. While this is a common procedure in anti-malware tools, the results it presents are anything but common. Since the application displays exaggerated results after its scans (eg it may flag Google-related cookies as a medium level threat, which is absolutely wrong), users may think that their computers' state is much worse. than it really is.

If users press the button “Remove all issues” (“Remove all issues”), they will be redirected to the payment page, influencing the purchase of the full version of SAntivirus. We recommend that you do not pay for this useless software as you will simply lose your money – considering its dubious marketing techniques and wrong analysis results, you cannot rely on this tool to guarantee your safety.

Alternatively, you must rely on reliable applications that don't mislead their users at every step. If you need an optimization tool for your system that can fix various Windows errors, we suggest Reimage. Additionally, you should never forget about your computer's defenses – get an anti-malware such as SpyHunter 5 or Malwarebytes to remove SAntivirus and protect your system against other threats in the future.

Several people ask if SAntivirus is a virus

Online forums such as Reddit are full of questions about Segurazo SAntivirus, and whether it is really a virus. The answer to this question is quite simple – this antivirus tool is not a virus. It belongs to the category of security tools, although its performance is questionable.

According to cybersecurity experts, it's best to avoid tools that are distributed through bundling. This misleading distribution strategy indicates that the tool is unreliable and may reveal hidden intentions. In this case, the “malware” SAntivirus aims to force people to buy a license key, through suspicious methods, such as:

  • The tool is distributed together with free applications such as Audacity;
  • There is no direct uninstaller for SAntivirus. Typically, the SegurazoUninstaller.exe file is in a hidden location to avoid detection;
  • Running the uninstaller does not guarantee the elimination of this PUP;
  • The antivirus scanner runs randomly, causing high CPU usage and occasional BSODs (“blue screen” errors);
  • Scan results may contain names of viruses, spyware and other non-existent threats;
  • After the end of the free trial period, SAntivirus causes redirects to the official payment page.

Therefore, if you have not yet installed this application, we recommend that you stay away and trust only trustworthy antivirus programs, such as SpyHunter 5 or Malwarebytes, and others. If, however, you are currently dealing with difficulties in removing Segurazo SAntivirus, try rebooting your machine in Safe Mode, as explained below, and perform a full system scan to remove the program.

PUPs, like malicious antivirus tools, are often distributed by freeware

“Potentially unwanted programs” got this name for some reason, as they are usually “unwanted” by users. If an application is classified as PUP, it should stay away, as this indicates that it uses various deceptive techniques to achieve its goals – monetization. While wanting to make money from the created product is perfectly reasonable, displaying false advertising and lying about its features is simply wrong – users feel cheated, betrayed and, to make matters worse, usually cannot get their money back as they voluntarily decided to pay by the application.

Therefore, it's best to avoid any contact with PUPs in the first place, because in addition to influencing you to pay for useless services, they can also compromise your online security by changing your browser settings and redirecting you to suspicious websites, or monitoring the your online activities in the background.

To ensure you stay away from potentially unwanted and malicious programs, follow these simple tips provided by security experts:

If possible, always choose official sources for your downloads;

Avoid torrents, warez and other high risk websites;

Before installing the application, look for reviews from other users or blogs online;

During the installation process, make sure that proper documentation is provided – Terms of Service and Privacy Policy;

Always choose Advanced/Custom installation mode instead of Recommended/Quick;

Watch out and look for buttons placed in strange places, misleading offers, pre-marked checkboxes, fine print and other tricks that freeware creators use to trick people into installing malware.

Uninstall SAntivirus with the help of these instructions

Several users have stated that uninstalling SAntivirus is quite difficult – they report that they tried to manually delete the files in the program's folders, but access was denied. Either way, you can try to delete the PUP by following the manual deletion steps provided at the end of this article.

As previously mentioned, the SAntivirus virus makes various modifications to the system, such as changes to the Windows Registry, changes to the local group policy, and changes to critical Windows settings. Consequently, it may not be possible to remove SAntivirus manually, and you need to resort to automatic deletion software.

You must download and install an anti-malware program that recognizes PUP. Unlike manual removal, the security software can automatically detect all malicious files present on the system and remove the privileges that Segurazo establishes during the installation process.

It is possible to remove this virus with the help of Reimage. SpyHunter 5 and Malwarebytes are our recommendations for detecting potentially unwanted programs and viruses, with all their associated files and registry entries.


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